Managing Your Apple Technology and Offering Unparalleled Tech Support

As your partner, we focus on your technology so that you can focus on your business. M-Squared has a long and successful track record creating IT solutions for a host of companies.

If you’re looking for ongoing Managed Services, we will tailor an agreement to your unique needs. If you have a specific project or require occasional IT support, we are happy to partner with you.

Contact us to help you assess and solve your Apple-based technology needs.

Our Services Include:

Hardware and Software Installation and Setup

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We know your time is valuable and better spent focusing on your business. If you need assistance setting up one machine or an entire fleet, give us a call. We’ll send over a certified Apple Support Specialist who will make sure everything is installed to support your workflow.

Specific services we offer include:

  • Determining computer and other hardware needs and compatibility
  • Setup and configuration of all hardware (computers, printers, network devices, etc.)
  • Installing or upgrading operating system and application software
  • Migrating data and other content from existing Mac or Windows computers
  • Testing systems and components to ensure reliability
  • Preserving and transferring both user and network settings, such as:
    – Home folders and their contents
    – Preference settings
    – Address Book databases
    – Email accounts
    – Browser favorites
    – Network settings and locations

Technology Assessment and Planning

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Does your computing environment feel strained, slow or inefficient? Are your business needs changing? Is it time to improve your computing infrastructure? Technology assessment and planning is something we’ve been doing for a long time. Even better, we enjoy it.

We’ll analyze your workflow, your hardware, software and business needs. We listen. We provide options within your budget to maximize your investment allowing you to focus more on your work, and less on the tools you use to complete that work.

Mobile Device Management

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Who needs Mobile Device Management (MDM)? Any business with a mobile workforce using laptops, iPads and/or iPhones. Whether it is one or a thousand devices, an MDM solution is necessary to protect you and your business.

As an Apple Mobile Technology Competency certified consultant, M-Squared keeps current with the ever changing world of MDM. We provide in-depth consulting to design a solution specifically to meet your needs and will guide you every step of the way to efficiently deploy mobile devices while safeguarding your corporate assets and ensuring successful outcomes.

POS Systems

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Whether Retail or Hospitality, M-Squared will assist you with the planning, implementation and support of a Cloud or Mac based POS system. We constantly evaluate best of breed solutions and will ensure that we help you design and deploy the perfect fit for your business.

Please choose below to learn more about the POS Systems we trust:

POS Systems for Retail
POS Systems for Hospitality

Comprehensive End User Training

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This is the part where we translate “geek.” We design our training for your unique needs. Whether it’s a lively demonstration or hand-holding as you learn an application, the training we provide definitely beats spending hours and hours with boring user guides – which you’ll probably never read anyway! However, if you like user guides, we write those too. Either way, we are gifted in translating processes into a language the end user can understand and then apply.

Training with the M-Squared team allows users to maximize their tools to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce costs — all to improve your bottom line.

Invite us to meet with your team to get the most from your applications.

Server Set-Up & Support

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We are quite skilled at putting together a flexible, feature-rich, secure server environment for you that will handle all of the tasks you require.

Contact us to assist you with:

  • Creating a central repository for data files and company information
  • Establishing a centralized location for managing users
  • External VPN access
  • File sharing
  • Web, Email and Calendar hosting

Help Desk Services: On-Site & Remote

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Nobody wants to call a help desk. We’ve all been there. All of the staff at M-Squared are experienced, talented and certified. We translate “geek” to the end user and we’re good at it. You’ll be glad you called. To make delivery of our services convenient and fast, we have two different support systems through which we will serve you:

Remote Support:
This is the fastest and most cost-effective way we solve a majority of Mac related problems.

On-Site Support:
A number of IT solutions are best delivered in person. With direct access to your computing environment we can handle repairs, upgrades or installations your business might need.

Network Design and Implementation

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Whether it’s wired or wireless, internal or remote, our Associates will help you determine how best to meet your networking needs. The transmission, receiving and sharing of data is vital to a successful business. We believe that a secure and robust network infrastructure is the foundation for the rest of your computing environment and we will implement a solution that is seamless and reliable to that end.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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There’s nothing quite like that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach after you lose important data.

We all know “IT” happens. Losing days or even weeks of work through data loss or system failure is entirely avoidable if you plan ahead. M-Squared can make sure your Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are up-to-date, reliable and fast. And, we can give you back some much needed peace of mind.

Every business needs a two pronged plan. First, a Data Backup plan to hedge against loss. Second, a Disaster Recovery plan that will get you up and running fast after a disaster.

Contact us today to set up your backup and disaster recovery plan.

Font Management

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We love type at M-Squared. We understand that workflows focusing heavily on font use can present problems for a lot of Mac users – resulting in delays and other obstacles. A basic font manager is not designed to handle a complex network of users employing font-intensive graphics programs.

If fonts are giving you trouble at work, let us create a robust font management solution that will end your headaches. In no time, we’ll restore your faith, love and understanding of all things type.

Migration from Windows to Macintosh

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We got a call one day from an attorney who told us he had just tossed his PC off the porch and wanted to move to Macintosh. We understand that kind of passion for an Apple IT environment and can certainly help your business make that migration smoothly. We’ll also safely recycle your old PC’s. No porch launching needed.

M-Squared can help you with:

  • Apple hardware procurement
  • Data and email migration
  • Comprehensive end user training for you and your employees
  • Any other needed services to make a smooth transition


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Securing your company data is imperative; whether it’s protection within your structure or on laptops and mobile devices. Security for a modern computing environment is both multi-faceted and critical. In addition, there’s PCI and HIPPA compliance along with new standards for the protection of credit card data. Navigating these constantly changing requirements can be daunting.
With an increasingly mobile work force, laptops and hand held devices are vulnerable to loss, damage and theft. Businesses today need safe remote access to email, applications and other data.
Contact us today to secure your peace of mind.

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