• Since 1977, Fast Break Athletics has been servicing the Chattanooga running community. Under new ownership in 2009, Fast Break embarked on a journey to bring our business to the 21st century. At the time, we had roughly eleven thousand unique products at our business. In the history of our store, our inventory had been kept in our brains and on ledger pads. Meredith and M-Sqaured helped make a seemingly daunting task quite manageable by introducing us to a Point of Sale software system, Lightspeed. The transition went smoothly and we haven't looked back. We've been with M-Squared for three years now, and they have been paramount in the growth of our business. We've encountered good growing pains, and M-Squared has held our hand the entire way. Recently, we had two hard drives fail within three business days. Meredith was on the phone with me and remotely accessed my computer into the wee hours of the night on several occasions. From POS integration to computer maintenance, Meredith has been an invaluable asset. Fast Break Athletics' business philosophy is entirely based on customer service, and we put lofty expectations of ourselves. Meredith provides unparalleled service, and I would refer her business to anyone whole-heartedly. We've grown to be friends, and I can truly state she cares about us and our business. I look forward to working with M-Squared for as long as I'm around to sell shoes.

    Zach Winchester
    Zach Winchester Fast Break Athletics
  • Meredith possesses excellent technical knowledge and provides great client support. Her communication is clear and her entire team is patient, highly skilled, and very accessible. From the inception of the project through to the day-to-day tasks that confuse those of us who are not nearly as technically savvy, Meredith and the M-squared team are the most dependable and amiable IT team I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Our business is stronger because of them as I'm sure anybody's would be.

    Alison & Alphonzo Cross
    Alison & Alphonzo Cross The Boxcar Grocer
  • M-Squared Associates is a pivotal member of our team at Nardone Consulting Group, Inc. (NCG). Our company manages nearly one dozen non-profit associations. We are our clients' office. It is critical that our office run smoothly and efficiently. In the beginning we operated from a home office environment, limping along with a sufficient (but not efficient) network. As our client base grew, naturally our technological needs expanded. M-Squared Associates came in, evaluated our current system in relation to our current and projected company and client needs. They presented us with a plan and quote that fit our needs (and budget) and set to work in moving our system to our now commercial space. M-Squared Associates has supported our dynamic growth and presented us with long-term solutions that really support NCG and our clients. Their approach is thorough and efficient. I never have to wait for a prompt (and I mean prompt, response back). They are extremely sensitive to our bottom line. They take the time to teach our staff how to best utilize their system and tools and maintain the equipment and software long-term. From setting up our server and network, email system, routers, internet, VoIP phone system, offsite back-ups, etc. M-Squared Associates has been key to our growth and success in 2009 and 2010. Of all the companies and technical support out there, I do not hesitate when I say NCG made the right choice in partnering with M-Squared Associates. With their support, we are now playing with the big boys!

    Natalie Nardone, CMP
    Natalie Nardone, CMP Nardone Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Meredith has been a very reliable resource as computer support for my personal Mac setup as well as for Emory Creative Group. She has been of great assistance with troubleshooting software and hardware. I know that I can rely on Meredith to help me troubleshoot the variety of situations that occur with changing technology and evolving demands that I place on my computer setup. She is always determined to find a solution and has great resources to assist her when she is working through the complexities of a problem. I have seen her teach and train, and she always conveys information clearly and specifically. Her vast knowledge of hardware, software and font technology is invaluable. Meredith's experience and passion for her work make her not only awesomely competent but also very helpful in answering my questions and assisting me in becoming more knowledgeable. I count myself lucky to work with her and highly recommend her work to others.

    Stanislawa Kodman
    Stanislawa Kodman Designer and illustrator
  • Though I own a small company, Meredith always makes me feel like I am one of her most important clients. It's one of her many gifts. While I know she's fluent in the latest, most up-to-date tech information, she always keeps the human touch and makes sure she explains things to me in layman's terms. Meredith has been my go-to person for all of my computer needs for over 8 years now. I've referred countless friends to her. Even when I moved my business from Atlanta to Austin, I made sure that Meredith could still work on my computer remotely. She's ethical. Honest. And so knowledgeable. But more importantly, she's a wonderful person who truly cares about the people and companies she's helping.

    Curlin Reed Sullivan
    Curlin Reed Sullivan Pippingtooth Studio
  • Meredith Anton, a.k.a. “My Mac Mama”, has been an invaluable professional partner and friend to Lineweaver Design for years. Her hands-on expertise as well as her remote guidance have allowed my business and my systems to hum steadily and effectively for years. This coupled with her up-to-the minute Macintosh product knowledge and her “HELP ME NOW” service make her a superlative addition to our team. She should change the name of her biz from M-Squared to “M-Quadrupled!”

    John Lineweaver
    John Lineweaver Lineweaver Design
  • Establishing a robust MacIntosh work environment for a team of still photographers and videographer/editors is no easy task. Several years ago when I realized that our needs were greatly exceeding our current practices and planned expansion for digital asset management, it was Meredith Anton of M-Squared Associates that I selected as our Emory Creative Group Photo/Video office Mac consultant. What Meredith brought to our department was a superior level of knowledge of Apple hardware and software, as well as a keen interest in establishing and supporting a sound, practical, and secure system for our work... from the individual photographer stations to the archival storage and University-wide end user needs. Over the course of our 4-year working relationship, Meredith has continued to provide consistently top-notch service and advice as our Mac consultant for technical support, troubleshooting of great magnitude, new technologies, and departmental growth planning for our digital media workstations, servers, and backup needs. Meredith continues to keep herself up to the minute with the latest developments in Mac technologies and applications by attending workshops and seminars, and by devouring the latest written material supplied in trade journals and online. She regularly translates that knowledge into practical application for our office by making recommendations for advancements in all of our key areas of digital asset management. Meredith has provided a consistently superior level of comprehensive consultant expertise, including support, service, and all-around Mac brilliance that makes our work shine.

    Ann Borden
    Ann Borden Director of Photo/Video, Emory University
  • Put simply, Meredith and the m-squared team care about their clients.  They guided Atlanta Classical Academy through the process of bringing a new school online in just a matter of weeks - under budget.  Since then, they have been there for emergency calls, maintenance, and new projects.  I cannot overstate the value of the personal relationship M-squared has worked to build with us.  When we call, they know us, our capabilities and limitations, and I can count on them for an honest opinion that is in the best interest of the school.

    Kevin Richter
    Kevin Richter Director of Technology, Atlanta Classical Academy
  • I've known and worked with Meredith and the M-Squared team for over 10 years. We began working with them in 2003 when my department had just 5 desktop computers; today, that number has grown to over 65 disparate devices in locations in 6 Southeastern States. During that period of growth, M-Squared's customer service has never, not once, faltered. Their responsiveness still amazes me, and regardless of how many other clients they acquire, I've never known us to have less than incisive and expeditious response to any inquiry or problem, big or small. Their model seems to be a strategy of proactivity: they keep our network of devices healthy, know everything there is to know about them, educates its users, and judiciously applies updates or fixes in kind. I trust them implicitly, and can honestly say they have made a large part of my job easier. That, to me, is the model of exemplary customer service.

    Mark Kempf
    Mark Kempf Creative Director, Whole Foods Market, South Region
  • M-Squared Associates made our transition to a Mac based system and Lightspeed POS seamless.  We just closed up shop one night and Meredith and her team unplugged the old and setup and plugged in the new.  The next morning we were open for business (new shiny computers, equipment, software, and all).  Her team stayed in the store all day, with on the spot training and real time problem solving, until we all felt comfortable.  M-Squared continues to maintain our fiber network and POS, and continues behind the scenes hardware and software updates with security and monitoring.  We are a retail and design company; M-Squared has allowed us to focus on what we do best, while managing the tools to make our business hum.

    Paula Danyluk
    Paula Danyluk Owner, The Paris Market Savannah, GA
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